Welcome to 2D Artistic Abilities!

IMG_2879In this class, we will be working with Artistic Abilities for a five week program, introducing 2DAA students to art lessons that we create on our own. Our approach to the program is to create lessons that will be engaging for students while allowing them to explore new materials, express themselves creatively, and gain a sense of community through the class. By becoming involved in this program we will gain hands-on experience making lesson plans, and putting them in action. The team is more than excited to engage with each and every student, and guide them on their journey to creativity!

Please utilize the tabs on the top of the page to see what we are up to each week!

Grade Level Expectations:

  1. Observe and Learn to Comprehend
    • I can talk about my ideas in art.
    • I can discuss the intent and purpose of my art.
    • I can respond to works of art.
  2. Envision and Critique to Reflect
    • I can make judgments about my artwork and other people‚Äôs artwork.
    • I can make decisions based on processes and art knowledge.
  3. Invent and Discover to Create
    • I can create work with personal meaning to me.
    • I can explore materials and processes in unique ways to make art.
    • I can show expressive features and characteristics of design in my art.
  4. Relate and Connect to Transfer
    • I can connect artwork by using personal meaning.
    • I can relate to artwork in my community.
    • I can use historical, cultural, and contemporary ideas to understand artwork.